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Flit Media is a individual blogger managed by Murshid Ahmad as an author and owner of this blog . This blog was established in 2016 and continue to engage in the world of information sharing till now . Writing the articles is a favorite hobby of me and it have become my passion since years ago . Do remember that everything written in this blog were not relate to anyone whether live person or death .

Flit Media has objective to be one of the  biggest online platform website that become a place for any information sharing around the world . We target that three years coming  , we will become a big website in Malaysia and give a lot of advantage in information sharing for people in this country . Flit Media was re-branded from Pena Kilat in December 2019 for more ilegent branding .

Thank you for all the supports given by the readers for this website and represent for author , i hope that one day in future , this website will become one of the best website in Malaysia and the world .

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